Why Panama?

Imagine yourself on a secluded private beach, held in place by the warm waters of the Pacific. Watch as an ocean sunset tints the sky a range of reds and yellows. As you fall asleep to the sound of waves lapping against the shore, you begin to dream...

A tropical paradise located strategically between North and South America, Panama is a natural escape from today's fast-paced lifestyle. Panama is a land of sweeping seascapes and rugged mountains that rise high above its beauty. From the gated communities to the quiet villages, this country offers an array of experiences for the average traveler.

Demographic trends

New Retired
Considered to be the best retirement program in the world, the Panama Pensionado program offers retirees excellent incentives.

Working Communities
Digital nomads and expat communities

Strategic business location

Duty free zone
Panama Canal: The only passage from the Atlantic to Pacific into Latin America

accessibility to nature

Beautiful blue water beaches perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving, large ocean waves perfect for surfing and jungles filled with exotic wildlife

Variety of activities

Fishing, surfing, parasailing, hiking and trekking through the jungle, exploring caves to world class golf resorts, luxury shopping centres and fine dining restaurants and more!

politically stable country with a perfect climate

Tax benefits
& multiple incentives

Over the last two decades..

Panama’s cities and hubs have seen outstanding growth and began to attract golf clubs, shopping plazas to beach resorts, restaurants, grocery stores, clinics, and more!

With reliable high-speed internet, cable television, cellular service and hydroelectricity, and drinkable water straight from the tap everywhere you go.

The roads are already the best in the region and with each new investment, improvements to the existing infrastructure continue.

Panama Has Cities, Mountains, Beaches, & More!

Panama is where the Americas begin, and on a tour of Panama, you’ll feel like you’re exploring the unspoiled essence of the continent. From breezy beaches populated with sea lions to awe-inspiring mountains that rise up from an ancient ocean floor, it won’t take long for you to fall in love with this welcome escape from everyday life. Whether you want to relax at a luxurious resort or explore rural villages, Panama offers diverse options for incredible vacation experiences

Freedom, stability

Panama offers both. From the foreigner-friendly and pro-business government to a strong economy and growing real estate market, no other country in the region has such a steady and reliable track record.

Panama is diverse despite its size, the long coastlines along the Pacific and Caribbean’s offers:








and more!

Safest Place in Latin America

A country that has a proven track record dealing with foreigners and tourists

Very high-quality and accessible private healthcare, at affordable prices through comprehensive expat health insurance.

Panama City by itself is home to a growing 30,000 expats from all around the world, the most popular being the United States, Canada, Spain, Mexico and England.

The expat population is a mix of retirees as well as working adults and families

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